Old News

tkchat 1.520 released22 Nov 2023
Extensive UI enhancements and improved RSS support by Emiliano Gavilan Full support for Tcl/Tk 9.0

tkchat 1.510 released24 May 2023
Cleanup of obsolete special-case socket code Update builds to latest tip of Tcl/Tk 8.7 Fully support Mac silicon

tkchat 1.500 released25 Jun 2022
Implement new features in Tcl/Tk 8.7 (icon badge, system tray, system notifications) Cleanup and removal of obsolete components New ttk::treeview-based implementation of chat roster by Emiliano Gavilan

tkchat 1.490 released03 Jul 2021
Updates to handle irc bot naming Update binary releases to 8.6

tkchat 1.482 released23 Mar 2011
Updated to support Fossil changeset ids as links. askLEO client updated for the new server API.

tkchat 1.477 released14 Dec 2009
The tkchat development team is proud to announce the latest release of this ground-breaking software. The Windows starpack versions now sport the latest 8.5.8 release of tcl/tk which has themeing support for Windows 7. The linux starpack has extended GNOME/KDE desktop integration with a number of irritations fixed when using new window managers. This release continues the tradition of solving some bugs while introducing a whole new set of problems.

enhanced linux starpack14 Dec 2009
New linux starpack released using Tk 8.5.8 with enhancements to integrate with modern desktops more smoothly. The menus and tooltips now animate as expected. The tile-qt theme is included and can be selected from the themes menu.

tkchat 1.465 released23 Apr 2009
Fixed some issues with JID handling. Applied some patches for MacOS X. Only animate GIF images. Show target link for tinyurl links. Use an SVG icon

tkchat 1.453 released13 Nov 2008
Added option to show whispers inline with the other chat messages. Fixed whiteboard display on Vista.

tkchat 1.450 released21 Oct 2008
Support retrieval of some audio and video stream urls from the website when checking the current applicatioin version. This lets us push the conference streams.

tkchat 1.449 released17 Oct 2008
Fixed some internationalization issues with plugins joining menus. Babelfish translation fixed to handle new webpage layout. Windows starpacks released using Tclkit 8.5.5

tkchat 1.446 released21 Aug 2008
Additional internationalization of menus and other GUI elements. Starpacks reissued with Tcl/Tk 8.5.4

tkchat 1.444 released10 Aug 2008
Enhancements to tooltip display and to non-chat message handling. Support for internationalization of menus and other GUI elements.

tkchat 1.438 released31 Jul 2008
Converted the askleo package into a plugin and chomp the webchain prefix.

tkchat 1.434 released24 Jun 2008
Support logging private chat to file as option. Support xmpp ping. Support service discovery (client side)

tkchat 1.432 released24 May 2008
Some minor features added by E Edelson and minor bug fixes.

tkchat 1.424 released22 Apr 2008
Fixes to the application of fonts acros the UI. Fixed a quoting problem showing the history in a separate pane. Windows starpack built with 8.6a0

tkchat 1.422 released03 Apr 2008
This release is mostly to issue the starpacks with Tcl 8.5.2. Some tkchat bugs fixed - in particular we invert the colour of a user who has selected the same colour as your background.

tkchat 1.421 released09 Feb 2008
The latest version of MUC uses a new timestamp format which has broken the history download - this version supports the new log format

tkchat 1.418 released06 Feb 2008
Additional colour validation when read from saved settings
Option to have undecorated entered/left messages (see options dialog).
Windows starpack now built with Tcl/Tk 8.5.1

tkchat 1.416 released26 Jan 2008
This release includes colour validation.